He’s twenty four

     I am amazed when I see my son at this age.  How can he possibly be twenty four, when I was just that age a few, short years ago?  No, it was alot longer than that, but it still puzzles me to think time has passed so quickly.
     What a fine, young man he has become.  I see things in him I never would have seen in myself.  He has more courage, more spunk than anyone I know. 
     It is nothing for him to just pick up and drive to downtown Pittsburgh on his own.  Mind you, no GPS involved.  If he asks someone to go with him, and they can’t, he doesn’t even seem bothered by it.  Just grabs his awesome Nikkon camera, and heads off.
     The photos of the buildings, the angles he captures are breathtaking.  It’s as if he’s laying there on the busy sidewalks on his back, staring up into the sky.  I learned to appreciate our town even more through his eyes.
     I don’t comprehend photography.  I hate carrying a camera with me.  It is a burden I want nothing to do with.  My son carries his everywhere.  You never know when there is going to be just that perfect shot, he’ll say.  Believe me, he captures things that make beautiful photographs.  Some of his work seems destined for enlarging, and framing. 
     Every few weeks we get together on a Sunday for an outing together.  I am thrilled that he wants to be with his mom, going places and seeming to enjoy the time with me.
     We went to the Aviary this year, where he proceeded to photograph all the colorful species of birds held captive in that building.   Phipps Conservatory was another place filled with photo opportunities for him.  I like walking around, taking it all in.  The burden of a camera isn’t something that appeals to me. 
     I am not sure this fall, where one of our outings will take us to.  I look forward again, to seeing the world through his eyes.