An impossible dream

     Wow!  Where to begin?  Recently I published my first book through Trestle Press.   It is a young adult novella which I hope to inspire people with.  I have wanted to write since I was 15 years old.  I remember it well.  I put pen to paper.  I had a sad, dramatic story in my head.  Yes, two friends, best friends.  One would become very ill and die!   All the elements of a sad, seventies made for tv movie!
     When I handed my mother the finished product, hoping to see her fall onto the couch, her hands over her eyes as she cried tears of sadness onto the pages, another strange thing occured.
     My mother proceeded to burst out into laughter.  Not exactly the response I was hoping for.  My young teenage ego was crushed.  It definately was not a comedy.  I never let on how hurt I felt.  I tore that story right up, and didn’t mention it again.
     I tried to dabble unsuccessfully through the years with issues that I thought relevant to life around me.  I actually finished two short stories on an old, royal typewriter.  I knew they weren’t worthy of anyone, let alone mom, reading.
     An avid reader, I longed for that perfect story that would touch someone in a special way.  I have watched countless movies, with ideas just flowing into my little head at times, then fluttering right back out.  Oh well.
     Then, about eight years ago, I was watching one of the Lord of the Rings Trilogies.  Something touched me about the brothers, Faramir and Borimir.  I liked the closeness they shared, the love and camaraderie.  Their father was a mean old bear, who favored one son over the other.  I liked the feel of that in my mind.   Why not try to make something fresher out of that type of story.   
     Two twin brothers came to me then.  Aaron and Jeffrey.  They would be close, not fighting much.  Hmmm, this reminded me of my own two sons, Matt and Josh.  They always got along…..Okay, I was liking it…..
     But what could be relevant about this story?  Why tell it in the first place?  Then it hit me.  Just like Faramir and Borimir , these two would have an ogre of a father.  He would favor the special brother, the athlete.  The other brother needed to have some type of issue.  Oh yes, how about a stuttering problem.  His self confidence would be pretty low because of it.
     In the last year, this story has come together for me.  I wrote about Aaron DeAngelis and his brother, Jeffrey.  Their father, a verbally abusive alcoholic, would give young Aaron a difficult time in his life.  Aaron would have to overcome many obstacles, even the sibling rivalry which the father placed so hugely in his path.  When I had the real “hook”, I knew I could finally write it.
     Aaron, after an extremely bad fight with his father, would contemplate suicide.  So many things led up to this lowly place for him.  The story goes on from there, and you will have to read it to see how it turns out.
     I have been fortunate to be involved in a wonderful writing group, Pittsburgh East Scribes.  I owe so much to them for helping to make an impossible dream come true.