Times like these

We live our lives in a hurry.  Our childhood rushes by in a blur of smudged sidewalk chalk, scabby knees and sleepovers.  The teen years flow into adulthood through acne covered angst and countless nights of wondering if the phone will ring.
So when did I get to this age?  This so-called mid life age?  Wasn’t my mother always supposed to be the protector, the grown up?  When did she become so fragile, so broken, salt and pepper hair thinning, skin beginning to crinkle?  Wasn’t she always going to be there for me?  I need you now mom.  I am baking Easter Bread.  Don’t you remember how many eggs go into the recipe?
But she doesn’t remember.  She is beginning to forget.  She needs her family, her children around her more than ever.  Now I am the parent, the comforter.  I am the grown up.  I didn’t ask for this, but here it is in plain sight.   No escaping the inevitable.
One thought rises above the confusion, the fear during times such as this.  My Lord God will provide.  He will be there to carry us through this dark, confused time.  He will never leave us nor forsake us.  I can rest in these promises.
Allow me to slow down, Lord.  Allow me to enjoy every moment with Mom.  Allow me to be thankful for all the wonderful years with her.
The phone rings.  It is her!  And I can still make her laugh!  Yes, I am very, very thankful.