Neil Lee Griffin

Neil Lee Griffin has already been a staple in the upstate music scene for years. The singer/songwriter/composer developed a stutter at an early age which only fueled the pursuit of music wherein the stutter disappears. With tastes as varied as his skill set, Griffin always challenges himself to create a distinct, unique sound for every album he produces. While much of his music tends toward the genres of rock & pop, don’t be surprised to see him dabbling in jazz, metal, world music, and more!

In late 2010 Griffin adopted a scarecrow as a symbol to represent his work, in that the scarecrow is silent but knows all about the world. Griffin explains that the scarecrow is symbolic of his stuttering. In the media stuttering is often made fun of, implying that the stutterer is stupid. Griffin explains that “we’re like the scarecrow in that we may be slow to speak or silent, but we are not stupid.”

“Empty House” (2007) marks Neil Lee Griffin’s first album which combines haunting instrumental pieces with fist-pumping punk rock songs. His sophomore release entitled “Circe De Morte” (2008) a haunting rock opera of a vengeful circus took the artist in a new even darker direction incorporating the use of a digital orchestra. In 2010 he released “V3″, featuring a softer sound than previous work. Here he tells a story of a cosmonaut’s struggle with finding happiness in the stars or on earth. His 2011 fourth album entitled “Tanglewylde” takes Griffin in yet another direction with a more rootsy element laced with harder rock sounds while retaining the dark moody aspect of the majority of his music. In 2012 “The Diary of Scarlett Crow” will be released. A chilling story of a young woman coming to grips with the twisted world around her, but things my not be what they seem.

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