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Book Launch: Bushel and a Peck

Thank you to all that were able to attend! In case you missed it, you can watch the recording below.

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The Journey of Writing, Episode 38: Karen Malena Talks About Family, Mental Illness, and Dementia

In this episode, Author Karen Malena shares about her calling to writing, caring for her family, and the faith journey of mental illness and dementia.

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Mae Clair Presents: Karen Malena and Sound of Silence #Science-Fiction #Dystopian

Today, I’ve got a brand new guest on my blog, and I hope that you’ll make her feel welcome! 🙂 Karen Malena and I have several things in common beside writing–we are both “Keystoners” from the state of Pennsylvania, love cats (check out her author pic below), and both have an Italian family heritage.

I recently met Karen through a mutual friend, and am delighted to host her today with her compelling release, SOUND OF SILENCE. I think you’ll find her backstory inspiring as well. Please drop Karen a comment and say hello!

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Piggy the Claw Machine Cat

Hello. My name is Piggy, the claw machine cat! About four years ago, my human, Matt, introduced me to the world on YouTube.
His Journey to the Claw Machine series has become fun and popular, and when fans began noticing me in some of his videos, they sent me letters, drawings, toys and treats.

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TUESDAY TAILS ~ ONCE UPON A TIME… Featuring Piggy and Karen Malena

It’s tale time featuring Piggy! Today my wunderpurr pals I’m delighted that my supurr furriend Piggy is here to share her literary prowess with mew all, so without further adieu, here is Piggy’s tale…

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The Story of Piggy The Cat

Piggy. Not a very graceful name for a feline, let alone the title of a cat book! As you can imagine, Piggy is named for her portly size. She was rescued from abandonment and hunger several years ago and found a forever home with my son, Matt. It seems a cat who’s been subjected to not having enough food, tends to make up for it by eating… pretty much… all the time.

The idea to create a book for my son’s beloved cat came to me as she gained popularity on Matt’s YouTube channel. You see my son is a semi-viral YouTuber who makes videos about winning at claw machines. You heard me correctly, claw machines. Ever since he was a child, he’s been obsessed with them and as a grown adult, he purchased his own and began filming himself teaching kids how to win and introducing them to his adorable cat, Piggy.

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Guest star: Piggy a lucky rescue cat with amazing friends!

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Karen and Piggy the cat!

Hello. My name is Piggy.

About four years ago, my human, Matt, introduced me to the world on his YouTube page, Matt3756. His Journey to the Claw Machine series has become fun and popular, and when fans began noticing me in some of his videos, they sent me letters, drawings, toys and treats. I had no idea I would be so loved.

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Hypercast 05: Yoshi Torres

Writer’s Block Party

Hello! What’s your name?
My name is Karen Malena.

What do you write and why?
I have written a  Christian young adult novella.   This is a story which has been a long time in the making.  For many years, I had a vision of a story of two brothers, one who is favored by their father.  I wrote themes and poetry in high school, and tried to dabble in some short stories through the years.  This is the first time I pursued writing with abandon.

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Donna B Snow

Every weekday (Monday through Friday) for the month of December I will spotlight a story here on my blog. Yes, this is 17 days of Christmas book browsing. And on Christmas Eve I will announce the lucky winner (at least two that I know of right now). The person who leaves the most comments throughout the month will receive their choice of any one of the books spotlighted. That’s from me. Other prizes are being offered by the individual authors.

Today I’d like to welcome Karen Malena, a new author to my little neck of the internet, with her story Son of Mine.

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Elementary V Watson

Today I’ve invited one of my author friends, Karen Malena, to chat about her work and what inspires her. Vic x

Someone recently asked me a few questions. Why do I write? What inspires me? Where do my ideas come from? We are all told to write what we know. Write from experience. Write about things which are relevant. I believe in my recently published story ‘Son of Mine’, I covered these important points.

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C. P. White Media

When I was fifteen years old, I put pen to paper, writing what I thought was the saddest, most dramatic story of all time.  An avid reader, and lover of movies, an imagination to surpass all others, I just knew I could do it.  As my mother began reading the story, I did not see the response which I had imagined.  She proceeded to burst into laughter.  Not exactly what I was looking for.  As I slunk away, my tail between my legs, I threw the story out, and didn’t try again to write for many years.

My first e book, Son of Mine, was published a few weeks ago by Trestle Press.  Nothing could have prepared me for this amazing journey.

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Christian/Inspirational author panel by GelatisScoop
Karen Anna Vogel, Karen Malena and Roger Rheinheiner drop by to discuss different elements of the craft of writing.


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